Drug development

The wholly owned subsidiary company Actar AB is a small scale drug discovery company with an important role in KI Innovation.
Actar explores innovative drug targets in multiple therapeutic areas resulting from academic research at top European institutions.
In collaboration with the researchers Actar performs early drug development based on these targets.

Drug-like compounds active against these targets are identified, characterized and divested, or further developed in collaboration with larger pharmaceutical companies.

Presently, Actar is performing discovery research in four therapeutic areas. Screening is being done in oncology (GLI, MYC, A3-3, PAK-4) and neuroscience. Lead finding and characterization is being done in inflammation (mPGES-1) and angiogenesis/age-related macular degeneration (VEGF).

The advanced laboratories of Actar in Stockholm and Uppsala are open to researchers from all European universities and research centres.

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