Our offer

The overall innovation system created by Karolinska Institutet takes projects all the way from an early idea to a commercial product on the market, through KIHAB´s subsidiary companies.

Every year hundreds of ideas are evaluated by the professional team at KIAB, Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB, the first step in the process. After hard examination around ten percent of the projects proceed towards commercialisation, in close cooperation with KIAB, that offers legal and financial help, for example with patent matters.

If needed, Actar AB, KI´s own drug discovery company, can perform highly advanced screening.

An idea with a commercial potential can, in cooperation with the innovator, lead to several forms of company structures, for instance a start-up company within Karolinska Development AB, KI´s investment company with a portfolio of around 45 companies in Life Science.

The KI innovation system is open for researchers from other Nordic universities. Those who need office- or laboratory facilities can be helped by KISP, Karolinska Institutet Science Park AB, that offers first class, fully equipped premises in both the northern and southern part of the Stockholm region.
UAC (University Accomodation Center AB) disposes of over more than 300 rooms and apartments that can be rented by students or guest researchers.

Apart from all this there is also a possibilty for researchers to become published by KIUP (Karolinska Institutet University Press AB), a publishing house specialized in popular science.